Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Transformer

Last night was our skate night.  Daddy got T his hockey gear and T told him now he was going to skate by himself.  He's missing a Jersey and socks, so to me he looked like a baby transformer.  Here he goes for the first time on his own.

By the end of the hour he made improvement.  I couldn't believe it!  Yes, we were beaming.

Marshall joined us.  He is such a good skater.

It was an all around great day and night.  Earlier, Luke decided to finally give a go at getting his learners permit.  He forgot his glasses, which made me a bit annoyed, but as he passed the test on the first try and  the shift changed with our DDS assistant, they let the eye test slide and issued the permit...he is NEVER allowed to go driving without his 'eye gear'.  OMGoodness---there were only 4 giant numbers he had to read -- he didn't even know they were numbers...yikes!

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