Monday, April 19, 2010

M&Ms for Breakfast

Little T woke up asking for his M&Ms.  "What M&Ms?"  I asked.  "The one's I dreamed about" he said matter-of-factly..  Apparently he dreamed of being on a sailboat eating M&Ms with our family.  SO, how's a mom to say 'no' to that...?  It was only in the spirit of helping dreams come true. 

On a serious note, today is April 19th and as it would have been my dad's 74th birthday, I'm a little teary and sentimental.  My mind isn't in gear, I'm moving slow and as I've just boiled eggs dry (have you ever heard an egg pop?) and as the house is not smelling very nice right now I better snap out of it.

Here's what I wrote on Facebook this morning:

I remember sitting with you at midnight specials of James Bond, eating popcorn and later dreaming of becoming a spy. I remember how every child called you 'uncle'. I remember you telling jokes in Tagalog, & even though I didn't understand, it made me laugh. You said there was no other city as beautiful as San Francisco. Happy Birthday. I miss you dad...and I sometimes still dream of being a secret agent. X

Nothing a hot bubble bath won't mend I'm sure.  Lots of errands today -- must put eggs on the list now.  I guess I'm eating M&Ms for breakfast too. 


  1. Chimene,when did your dad pass? I remember the day we went over to celebrate a holiday in pittburg with him and all of his family. The table was laden with the best food in the world. I've dreamed about that food many a day since then. I'm sorry your daddy is gone. What a fun and upbeat man he was.

  2. Thank you Lila. I miss him every day. How is your da(P.S. some of my food recipes are on under the label 'supper bell'


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