Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Coming....and Coming Home...

Luke and Tate's high school just recently enjoyed their Home Coming Week.  The football score is well hidden and forgotten after several school psychologists were bused in -- (joking...it's a new high school, so they were completely slaughtered).  But a good time was had by all at the dance.

As Luke and Tate both had dates I felt some "pre-thinking - planning" was in order.  I decided to make them a nice meal and pictured us all having a pleasant conversation as dad and I broke the ice.  What was I thinking?  Note to self:  When dealing with teens...Go With The Flow...  

It didn't take long for Matthew to realize that the awkwardness was smothering the group, so he politely suggested to me that the two of us eat later and leave the teens to themselves.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with me asking Tate several times (in front of her date) if she was sure she wanted to wear that dress.  

After several minutes we heard the laughter coming from the kitchen and were surprised when our guests asked if we'd sit down and talk with them.  We were thankful for this as it gave time for Matthew to give both boys the 'serious look' (you know, the kind that says, I have guns and I know how to use them). 

I don't know if I'll ever be comfortable with all this high school business.  I think they should have had a dance that celebrated the 'Nerd Day' they had that same week.  I much prefer our daughter in this outfit.  I am glad though, that both our high school-ers have made some great friends.

Matthew was a terrific dad as usual, chauffeuring the couples back and forth and seeing they all got home.  Some how I think he imagined his weekends off taking a different direction.  Thank you dear.  I love you. x  (and it was so nice to hear the kids thank you too at the end of the evening -- they are growing up!)

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