Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Pain in the "Bias"

Pain in the "Bias" dress with Grandma's (vintage) gloves.
I started this little number last week.  We all have our little survival mechanisms.  Mine is sewing. We've been getting through some very difficult weeks here. I stuck my head in the sand..or sewing machine - to deal with the emptiness my heart feels with my oldest son off to D.C.  He's always been a quiet one, but nevertheless, he leaves an awful loud silence with his presence in another place.  I've often referred to him as my steady anchor, and it's proving to be true as I certainly do feel this change in the wind rocks me about a bit.

This dress gave me a surprise.  What was suppose to be a simple project, turned out to be quite a bit of unexpected work.  Normally you cut fabric on the straight grain.  This way it keeps the fabric in place, tight and firm and from being stretched and pulled out of shape.  However, every now and then a pattern will call for the skirt to be cut on the bias - which is a 45 degree angle.  This WILL give the fabric stretch, but with the purpose of creating a more flowing piece.

Without boring a lot of you, we'll just say you have to let the cut piece hang for 24-48 hours while it falls and determines its shape.  I hadn't realized that one side had decided to stretch out longer then the other and I hemmed the whole thing up only to have to undo it completely.

As I was measuring and remeasuring this hem for the 3rd time (as it was stubborn), I found myself dwelling on how simple it would be if we could just cut and measure our hopes and dreams for our children on the grain--then stitch up those desires into one perfect piece, fitted just right for their lives.  I caught myself smiling at the thought of Luke's life, as it is unfolding and beginning to take a form all it's own.  He's being stretched and pulled in ways that will, in the end, shape him into a perfectly tailored young man.  It's not as simple as I would like it to be, but I think it will be worth it.  And so was my dress by the way! ;-)

front view..
All is well.  My heart is full.

(P.S.:  I wore grandma's gloves for vintage...and Yes Tatum, I know I need an updated pair of pumps!)

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