Monday, February 2, 2015

Toby's Design on a Dime Braves Baseball Room

Okay...maybe it was more like, "Design on a Dollar.."

When Toby wanted a Braves room--the snobby designer in me cringed at the thought of sports paraphernalia in our home. I cringed even more when I stumbled on the price of Braves Bedding and Curtain sets...So, I made my own and managed to please both of us in the process ;-)

The tablecover (although I didn't take enough time to spread it out perfectly for this picture) was something I made a few years ago and had packed away.  I would have a lamp on this table, except for the fact that mini basketball is constantly being played--and I know that lamps are magnets for mini basketballs -- right?

 I found simple red and blue reversible comforters on Amazon for $35 each--But Toby didn't like how 'rough' the fabric felt...So I made this minky blanket with baseballs using material from  Its incredibly soft and comfortable. I had enough red leftover to cover a small pillow. What a spoiled boy eh? (We won't talk about how much this extra large blanket cost to make...)  The banner is mentioned further down...

Found this large print bulldog puppy with Braves hat on I cut it out and made it into an applique by attaching to red canvas.  It's an envelope closure in back, so it will be easy to take off and clean if necessary.

I love Spoonflower artists. One day I hope to be creative enough to make my own fabric...but I doubt it--I often contact the artists myself and tell them what I'm looking for and then they create it for me -- Isn't that just awesome!

I made the curtains from Luke's old duvet cover. I had 2 extra flat queen size sheets in my cupboard, so I lined them to help keep the cold out and the heat in. This makes me twice as happy, because now I have extra space in my linen closet AND an attractive red/white/blue curtain set. Also--the Braves street sign above the bookshelf was $7 on Amazon.  P.S.  The duvet wasn't long enough, so thankfully, I had extra red fabric on hand to help lengthen them.

I made this banner using my cricut--took way too long and I wished I could have found the felt on sale. It was Toby's idea to hang up his two favorite shirts--I would prefer the boards be used to pin his favorite baseball players on--but there is always give and take when it comes to designing.  

Toby wondered where all his 'future' trophies would go--so I took care of that with a couple extra shelves from Lowes. The Brave Pennant was $7 on Amazon (with Prime shipping) yay me.

I spray painted a couple of inexpensive pegs from Lowes to hang all his hoodies on. I made him the little tote bag above. Daddy nicknamed him Tango quite awhile back. He can keep all his favorite baseball cards in this. I know, I'm ridiculous!
  Eventually I am going to find an creative way to display his game balls too.

I have to mention this miniature basketball hoop. I have to rate it an unexpected #1 Christmas gift. It has been the MOST played with item then any other gift he has EVER received! ($39 on Amazon)
  It's really sturdy and thank GOODNESS I can shut the door and cut down on the constant thuds.  We often have a whole basketball team in this room now...maybe you should think twice about getting one...

Here is what you will find for $263.79 plus 25.99 shipping on Amazon.  I do like that the fabric is made out of basket ball/jersey type material.  Since I had two beds and two windows...I just wasn't feeling it--

The BEST part about this new bedroom is that Toby actually keeps it clean.  He's almost fanatical about it -- especially if someone is coming over.  Not only that, but he actually sleeps in it -- as opposed to the sofa outside our bedroom (which he has preferred since the age of 5 ;-)

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