Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tango's Alka Rockets Science Project -- Bam!

Need a simple, but great looking science project for school?  Try Tango's Alka Rockets.  We were able to email the slides to his teacher, while Toby (Tango) brought in the rockets to demonstrate.

There are a handful of teachers at school who can make extra homework, or extra hours in school actually feel like a reward.  I applaud their Jedi skills.  Perhaps in time I can learn to have that force with me.  When Toby handed me a pamphlet of 4th grade science projects and exclaimed with pride how he was the Scientist of the Week, I gave him that look, that tries to show you're thrilled for him, but inside you're exploding.  I had a lot on my plate for that coming Friday -- but somehow we made it through.

...And while we're on that subject of exploding, I will point out that "we" chose to make Alka Rockets.  I had hoped to actually make a bottle rocket, like the one I helped Tatum score an A+ with in her Senior year, but with 25 Jumbo Gummy Worm Cupcakes to make - (because having a birthday is what entitles you to be Scientist of the Week) I decided to be logical with myself.

After scouring the web for Alka Rocket Ideas, I just wasn't pleased enough and ended up making my own pattern up -- with Toby's help of course -- it is his project after all ;-)   Here are the end results:

You can print this pattern out here:

Did I mention I had to arrive at the school at 6:15 am to take pictures for The Early Birds Club that morning too:

By the way, the jumbo gummy worm cupcakes were also a hit.  All it all a great Birthday week for our youngest.  Love you baby boy!  (And I still managed to keep my sanity and my smile -- the real one this time ;-)

Jumbo Gummy Worm Cupcakes

I bought a cheap packet of oreo type cookies at the dollar store and scraped the 'creme' out and crushed the chocolate cookie in a large ziplock bag.  White frosting, green confetti type sprinkles and 3 large gummy worms poking through.  It's pretty self explanatory.  (P.S.  one cake package makes about 12 Jumbo Cakes.)

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