Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Blogging

Toby has a 'pants on the ground' problem, so he's been asking for a belt.  I, of course said I would find him a nice one online, but dad stepped in and said, "I'll make him one".  So dad found an old belt and cut it down to size.  He then showed Toby how to do it himself -- because that's the way it works in our house.  It's amusing to see how such simple things can make a 5 year old feel SO mature.

I put my first video on -- and of course used my dork power -- as it is sideways and I now know I can only use my camera on a horizontal level when video-ing.  Duuuuuuhhhhh!

The rest of the family is enjoying Easter Break.  Tatum is thrilled to have her own room now and has managed to decorate it with her 'tazmanian devil' style.

I haven't spent much time away from the computer.  I've been learning so much about blogging -- and enjoying myself.  I thought maybe Matthew might be getting annoyed with me, as I'm so absent minded.  But last night he told me how glad he was that I finally had it straight in my mind that we are a committed couple and could now free up my mind and emotions to have time to do what I enjoy....sigh...I love my family. X

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