Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Wedding in Devon

As many of you know, our oldest, Chavala, announced her engagement to Ben.  We are so happy for both of them.  Ben's mother has been busy doing the majority of planning, as it will take place at the in-laws-to-be summer home in Slapton, Devon.  

Hubby has been checking out the historical background of the town (naturally) and found a wonderful video.  Many of you probably didn't know this, but Slapton was the practice place for "D-Day".  It's code name was "Operation Tiger".  The town was ordered to evacuate as American soldiers flooded in.  During the weeks of practice, the Germans discovered them and attacked.  The soldiers were very young, caught off-guard, and unprepared. It is said that the last dying words of many of these boys was 'mom'.  This tragedy was kept concealed during the war -- as the lives of many, many more depended on the success of the D-Day mission.  It continued to be kept secret even several years after. 

The original video was taken off YouTube, but I found this one (that is not as wonderful) for you to look at if anyone is interested.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3x4R3Ip7qE


  1. Chimene, when Chavala smiles she looks exactly like the way I remember you. She's so beautiful. She looks so happy with her husband to be. Lila

  2. Thank you Lila. She is a lovely girl and Ben is a very kind man. X


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