Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clean Chrysler

 I sometimes think my husband loves this car more than me...but only sometimes.

Just thought I'd show everyone a pic of Marsh before Civil Air Patrol Class (Dad calls it G.I. Joe School)


  1. You definitely know how to make your vehicle shine! It literally dazzles in the midday sun! The chrome is very polished and well-taken care of. Well, I know that this car is a beauty, but I think we know who your hubby loves the most –that is, you, his beloved wife!

  2. If I happen to have an awesome car like this on my garage, people around the neighborhood would most probably want to look at car than talk with me. Hahaha! It looks so polished, and I’m sure it still gives you a fun and smooth ride!

  3. WOW! I wonder what kind of maintenance you do to keep it this good looking. I’m sure your husband loves you more than this ride dear, but I gotta say, she’s worth the jealousy! So, does hubby lets you drive it? I hope that the performance is as good as it looks. Have a safe drive!

    Mickey Doshi


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