Thursday, June 10, 2010

80's Romance

I've been hearing 80s songs all week.  Rolling down the isles of my favorite Asian food market, I sang to Cyndi Lauper's Change of Heart, and it hasn't stopped since.  Here's Matthew the other day after asking him to play me something romantic.  He plays by ear, so he has to have the music on.  Is there any woman who doesn't love this song?  Sigh...It is Soooo romantic.

I'm so glad the piano gets some use -- and just as glad Matthew talked me out of selling it.  Hopefully Toby will be on it soon with lessons.  I love music...and my romantic husband. X


  1. Am so happy you found someone that cares so much about you. Have never heard that song before - although hubby says one of my "talents"is remembering lyrics. Maybe, but still can't find where I put D's pencil case and as you know, not a large house! Think D would love to play on that piano - jazzy!!
    S - UK

  2. Thank you "Gracey", I am glad to have him too. The song is Now and Forever by Richard Marx... And anytime you'd like to bring 'D' over to play, please do!


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