Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calm and Clean

Photo by: The Big Harumph's
I've been doing a lot of cleaning out tonight.  Life has been so busy lately that I've neglected our family blog.  Between accepting requests for posting and product reviews on Just for Jack, and taking care of the home and children, I feel a bit dizzy and 'un-centered' at the moment.  It's funny, but I find organizing gives me such a calming affect.  That probably sounds nauseating to some, but for me it's therapy.  It's just that when everything is a muddle in the home, then it becomes a muddle in my head.  And somehow tidying up the home, begins to tidy up my head.

Oh well...nevermind.  We've also been trying to settle up plans for our time in Devon.  I think I've finally figured out the bulk of it (see how that cleaning has taken effect already?).  In the meantime, I know many of you have been asking about Sunny.  We have finally found him a lovely home.  Noah's Ark is an animal rehabilitation center.  When I first phoned in they didn't think they could take him, but the next morning the Ark called and said they had permission to place him at the center.  I thought it was funny how a simple little gosling got so much attention among these exotic animals.  I think he'll be just fine now.  (I still find remnants of him from time to time if you know what I mean.) It would seem Sunny is also feeling calm and organized as well.

Here is a funny clip of an Ostrich that was swooning over Matthew.

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