Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dandelions and Dare Devils

I have really appreciated the fact, that our youngest is learning to become as independent as possible.  Dad always insists that he do as much for himself as he can, and reminds him often that I'm not a servant.  As my nose was stuck in the computer, he was asking for a glass of water.  My "just a minute" turned into "just 20 minutes" and instead of languishing without the water, he decided to find his own cup.

That will teach mom.  He now has his own set of plastic cups, stored safely in the bottom cupboards, and he is very pleased that he doesn't have to wait on me anymore.

He is my darling boy.  Today he brought me a handful of dandelions.  I appreciated them a bit more then the better part of our hydrangea bush, that he proudly delivered yesterday -- but we won't talk about that -- nor the fact that all the stems were only 1/4" long.


  1. Here is a tip. Next time you have short stemmeed flowers, get a small bowl and criss-cross with sellotape leaving small holes to slot the flowers in. Really effective

  2. Very Good Idea! Sounds like one experienced.


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