Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing with Play Lists

Me in my Jeanie Jams
I got side-tracked this morning.  There are a hundred things that need tending to.  I thought that I'd quickly add a play list to the blog...and then three hours later I was still playing around with it.  I decided to create an 'Oldies' list, which not only brought on memory after memory, but kept making me think of song after song.

Opening gifts with brother, Renny
When Renny and I were little, we'd spend hours in the family room listening to mom's old albums.  We'd get on the big coffee table and dance like we were on T.V.  HA-HA!  (Of course, mom was NOT home).  But I do have very clear memories of my mom coming in the family room and dancing along with us (not on the table).  I remember thinking, "Wow, she's good."

Me, Renny and best friend Mike Banks (neighbor)
So the better part of my day has been filled with music and merry memories of two little latchkey children (when latchkey wasn't a bad word). X

P.S.  Adjust the playlist volume or turn it off by going to the bottom right-hand corner.  Or just put your computer on mute.

Oh, and if you'd like me to add an 'oldie', then tell me in a comment. :-)

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