Monday, June 21, 2010

Picnic in the Park

I had a few errands to do in my old neighborhood, so to pass some time in-between meetings, I took Tobes to the park near our old home.  He really enjoyed a larger space to ride his bike around.  His legs got plenty of exercise too.  He thought to bring a ball along, but after peddling several times around the green and playing on the playground, he lost interest.

It was such a hot day with medium humidity for our area.  I know it can (and will) worsen as dead on summer hits.  Even sitting in the shade, I felt myself dwindling and the energy was quickly sapped from me.  

I saw a couple of gung-ho, 'I need to get in shape now' joggers who were obviously already delusional from the heat.  Exerting even half the energy they were (at their age)  in the South's full blasted sun can seriously dehydrate you.  I had my 1/2 gallon of pomegranate lemonade and was getting really annoyed at the thought of having to use it to pour over their heads in an effort to bring them back to life.  Thankfully after a couple rounds they thought better and opted to sit in the shade after a long bout at the drinking fountain.
Every now and then a breeze came through, as did Tobes, stopping for more liquid and a piece of watermelon to cool him down every 10 minutes or so.  After two hours of sweating in the shade I called it quits.  We stopped at 'ColdStone Creamery' afterwards.  I had a mango smoothie and Tobes had mango sorbet.  I wish I never discovered these.  I'm getting very addicted to the mango pineapple mixture.

We met daddy at the rink from there.  Having a birthday didn't stop him from attending his game.  He loves to play and keep in shape.  Toby loves to watch him -- so do I ;-) , but we had to leave early.  I was exhausted and still needed to get the birthday cake taken care of...but I don't know why.  

When I tried to light the candle, Matthew would blow it out in less then a second.  On my third attempt he stole the lighter stick from me and ran off with it.  I need some of his energy.  The children found it quite humorous, and I just heaved a loud sigh -- life is NEVER boring.

Sunday was equally warm and just as nice for Father's Day.  Matthew loved the meatballs with BBQ sauce along with fried rice and corn.  Toby drew a picture and taped it on the door for him.  Most of the older kids were in a stupor, as with summer they have lost complete track of time and tend to forget what day and what hour it is.  Matthew is such a wonderful, patient father.  He cares deeply for each one of them and truly deserves a medal.  My favorite quote for father's is:

The best thing a father can do for his children, is love their mother.  

We're good :-).  All and all it's been a great week. X

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