Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shut-Up Frank!

Don't let the title fool you.  We had a wonderful time with Mom and Frank.  "Shut-Up Frank" is somewhat of an inside joke.  The only bad part is we didn't take many pictures...and the pictures we did take seemed to all revolve around restaurants...!

Toby especially loved being with grandma and grandpa.  Grandpa taught more baseball to Toby and he listened and got better.  
Grandma taught Tatum how to clean up after herself -- I'm not sure Tate listened as well as her brother.  Grandpa also watched Luke and Marsh kill bad guys on the PS-3

Mom and Frank took a little side trip to Memphis and saw the Elvis Presley mansion.  They then traveled to Nashville and saw the Grand Ol' Opree.  They learned how the phrase "it's raining cats and dogs" originated in the south and Grandpa added 'horses too' to the adage.  Mom said they came across the best restaurant in Tennessee, called The Flight

I enjoyed Frank's BBQ.  We had steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs and they were all delicious.  On their last night they treated us to Benihana's of Tokyo.  And as all I'm talking about is food, it's no wonder all our pictures are in restaurants! 

We also celebrated Marshall's birthday.  Marsh was here for a good portion of their visit and they all got happily acquainted with each other.  Marsh is 16 now - wow...that makes two 16 year old's in the bunch.

Mom and I took Tatum to the mall one day for her belated birthday gifts.  While Tobes and I were resting at a bench, I heard someone call out my name -- it was my dear friend 'Bobette'!  We had just spoken a couple days earlier about getting together, and were sorry we couldn't (because it had been way too long) and there you go.  We sat and had a very pleasant chat together.  Bobette is a sweet, sweet woman.

Mom enjoyed my home made bread so much (the subject of food will not end until I end this post) that I decided to get her a bread maker of her own.  I was wanting to get her something that she really wanted...and so -- this seemed perfect.  I taught her how to just use the maker for the dough only cycle.  Then take it out and bake it in your own oven.  This works far better then cooking in the bread maker itself-- which I think comes out on the dry side.  She can't wait for homemade pizza dough.  (Yes..Auntie Carol is getting one too). ;-)

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