Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Introduction to South African Biltong

If it wasn't for our blog, I don't know if our friends, Arno and Simonette would truly believe I was married to such a wonderful man.  We have been trying to get together for a 'getting to know you' visit for well over a year now.  

I've talked to Matthew time and time again about my dear friends and once neighbors, and I've talked to my dear friends about my hubby...but until last Saturday, they had not met him!

A Luxury Dwelling in Kruger National Park
We had such a great time.  As Arno and Simo are from South Africa, Matthew begged to hear of all the history and culture of their country.  We heard fascinating stories of Kruger National Park, and I watched as Matthew tried not to salivate in front of his new friends.  It's a man's man haven in his eyes and I think he's quite serious about taking up the offer to travel their together with this fun couple one day...It's a great goal.  

But I think I'm with Simonette, 'we'll go shopping while the guys are led by an armed escort in hopes of spying lions and tigers and hippos(?) oh MY!

Dried Biltong - it's like jerky
We were surprised with a beautiful spread of South African treats as well.  I watched curiously as Matthew ate one piece of 'biltong' after another.  It was crumbled on crackers and served plain.  I was FORCED (I swear) to break my diet and eat the peppermint crisp pie that Arno made -- dairy free to my delight!  It was DELICIOUS.  As was everything else.  I am dying for another bite of the sausage pastry -- it tasted just like the kind I used to eat in England!  Oh I miss those!

The time flew by too quickly.  We are so thankful for Arno and Simonette as well as all our friends and family.  God Bless you all near and far! XXX

P.S.  Dear Arno and Simo...thanks for sending home a peppermint lasted about 10 seconds after the children spied it.  So Good!

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