Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lost Ducks

My husband passes a pond alongside the highway on his way home from work.  3 ducks have been in that pond day after day - week after week - month after month.  However, coming near it on our way into town, Matthew declared, "A tragedy has happened..."

As we neared the pond, he explained that for the past few days there have been two ducks missing...and the one lone duck just sits in the pond, starring out into the water, as if waiting for the other two to return.

He doesn't know what happened to the poor things.  Did someone lure them away?  A predator? Did they wander off and not watch where they were going?  He looks so forward to that peaceful scene, and now all that's left to do is sympathize and wonder with the one lonely duck.

The sudden call from Bailey's father announcing that Bailey would be returning to Washington to live has left us feeling understandably shaken-- but somewhat peaceful in knowing that this change is a necessary step in making a new start for this young man.  Although it's been a difficult couple of days for us to adjust -- we know it's been a difficult couple of years for Bailey.   

Life has its funny twists and turns, and everyone has their own way of reacting to the surprises that life sometimes throws us.  As we beat our heads, and kick and scream against the changes, we gradually begin to accept them -- and in the end we find that all that tossing and turning has strengthened us in ways we could not perceive at the time.   I have always found that when sunk in the bitterness of something we don't want.. strengthens and clarifies our vision of what we do want.

Bailey is a strong and healthy boy.  Perhaps because of that, he's taking a little longer to kick and scream against the changes in his life.   But we're certain, in time, he will discover what he truly desires for himself.  And although we'll miss him terribly as he leaves this side of the pond and goes to another -- we know that it is better for him...because, you see -- we don't want him lured away..or around those who can damage his bright future...and we don't want him wandering off into dangerous paths.  

Right now I think my husband feels like that lone duck -- starring off towards the water -- only thankfully, he knows where Bailey is, he knows that its very much for the best and we look forward to flying out to visit him as often as we can.

Here's a video of Bailey trying to catch shrimp in his mouth at the Hibachi Restaurant, with our favorite chef Nenu.

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