Friday, August 20, 2010


美麗的女兒   That would be 'Chinese' for Beautiful Daughter.  This dress was rather rushed as time is getting away from us and I don't sew well under pressure.  But it's complete...and thankfully little Miss here loves it.  Working with Chinese Brocade fabric and shine has been an experience.  I mis-measured and cut the pattern too small -- leaving very little seams to work with when having to let it out.  So, we've cut off all ice cream and sweets until after the wedding -- as the slightest change in the figure could literally blow the whole thing apart....

After modeling for us, she took a turn with a couple of neighbors -- who gave her a very large dose of adoration.  I know she'd like to wear it to the dance this Saturday -- but NO WAY!!!  I'm going to have to iron it again in any case.  I'm now hemming Mr. Luke's suit fingers hurt from the innumerable pin pricks.  My brain hurts too..from holding back silent words of profanity and replacing the thoughts with a simple "ouch"...X

P.S.  Who is that man behind the fridge?

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