Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gum Drop Blues

I am forcing a smile on my face today.  I'd like to think that I am easily adaptable to change, but as the summer for us is ending and the new school year begins, I feel that heavy remorse setting in -- as I say goodbye to one warm season and hello to another.  

I guess it's not really "Hello"....its more like an ostrich squawking and sticking his (her) head in a hole -- trying to hide from all the forced transformation around me.  And while in that dark hole, I managed to find a rather large package of gumdrops that I had bought some time ago...and I ended up popping them in my mouth, thinking the bright colors and sugar might make me feel happy...which they didn't...

Our youngest starts Kindergarten tomorrow.  The MSS (Martha Stewart Syndrome) took control as I prepared and followed the extensive student supply list.  As we waited until the last possible minute to register our child, I could not order the nice school labels in time and ended up making a set of my own.

I was feeling ahead of the game and relieved to be caught up with things.  Then our neighbor Christie called to borrow eggs and milk and happened to ask if I was ready for tomorrow.  I explained I was and proudly revealed how I had even labeled all the student supplies....which apparently was a mistake -- because apparently I'm not suppose to label them-- because apparently it's all thrown into a big sharing bin...and I will just stop there before I begin a not so comfortable conversation...

It's been a day of preparation.  I surprised Miss Tate when she arrived home from a Family Home Evening night at church with some t-shirts.  Tate had drawn a number of nice pictures this summer, so I copied a few of them onto transfers and ironed them on.  Yay!  She loves them.  

Portrait of 'Dr. Who' by Tatum Garrison
Can you tell who else she loves???

Matthew called to check on me and told me (as usual) that everything was going to be okay.  I looked outside the back french door and spied 2 sets of dove feeding in our garden.  What a very peaceful reminder that all is well and my heart is full.  Change is good and we must always keep moving forward -- even when it moves a bit too fast. X


  1. A sharing box for stationery - whoever heard of such a thing! Bet you got homesick for those little green Friends' blazers?
    I hope it all went well.
    I am trying to get my head around David going to 6th form and then 2 years till a mission - how calm am I - not!!
    Love you. x

  2. Would love to see him in a little green Friend's Blazer. Perhaps I will one day...

    David will do well in whatever he does. You've raised him well. X

  3. You don't know me. I am a high school friend ofyour Mother's who is just re-connecting with her after almost 50 years. She sent me directions to your blog being very proud telling me how creative you are and what wonderful stories you have. You are a beautiful woman. I wish I had stayed in contact with your Mom so that I would have known you growing to who you are today. I will probably be a regular visitor to your blog, if that's ok with you. Celia Vernier

  4. Thanks for the compliments Celia! You are welcome here any time! X


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