Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Hat?

England is very traditional when it comes to weddings.  Hats are one of those traditions.  Matthew wishes I would disregard the convention of it all and not cover my hair.  If I wasn't the mother-of-the-bride I would actually consider it.  But I am.  

For the past few weeks I have been looking for a hat to go with the dress.  It's difficult to do when you've not worn such an adornment before.  The one I chose was from Wedding Hats 4U.  I was just starting to get comfortable with it when my 16 year old daughter saw it and made a hideous comment.  

Well, my husband often calls me Mary Poppins...
So I believe I'm back to square one.  I truly want to put my sewing machine away.  It gives me so much stress just seeing it out.  But I think I may be having to conjure something up...I think I'd like a magic hat.


P.S.:  After viewing Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's Wedding slideshow..I really think Tiaras are far more fashionable... My daughter is a Princess...but thankfully she didn't come with the 9 million + pounds figure...although it feels like that at times.


  1. If you are torn between having a hat or none at all, why not compromise by wearing a fascinator or hair comb. They are very affordable and look really lovely too. Do drop by our info site for a read :)

  2. Thank you. Tried to look at facinators on your site, but was unable to access a link to them. Just kept taking me to info page.


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