Friday, October 8, 2010

A Wedding In Devon

We are still waiting for all our professional pictures, but thankfully we have some good friends (especially Julie Buxton who took the bulk of these) who have forwarded many to us -- along with a few of my own.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. X

It doesn't get cuter than this!

The Marquee on Sigler's summer cottage grounds

La-La and her Baby Brother

Tobes looking quite cheeky among the bridemaids

Toby and Abby

Anna and Gemma - Bridesmaids

La-La coming down steps before we walk to the church

Mom, trying to hold all the joy in and not cry before the wedding

The Vicar and the Bride and Groom

My wonderful new son-in-law Ben and La-La

Walking from church onto the cottage grounds

Potpourri Confetti - It was lovely

The Amazing Cake - The base is solid chocolate

Looking out towards new couple

Daddy and Tobes

Chimene and Renny

Throwing confetti at the newly weds

Just practicing his acting skills I'm sure...

La-La and her Uncle Renny

Good Friend Julie

Walking toward the church in Slapton

Church of St. James the Great  in Slapton, Devon

View from church yard

Church of St. James the Great, Slapton, Devon

Renny at Church



  1. Oh, beautiful! you have been blessed so far beyond what words can explain:)
    your family is so beautiful and i wish we could all be time flies! Love you all. XOXOXO
    Your cousin,

  2. Yvonne! I miss you and everyone too. Life is beautiful and I know my dad would have been beyond proud on this day. Here's to many more get together's in the future. Cheers cousin xoxoxo


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