Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Ghoul Night

One of our greatest blessings, is that our neighbors are our friends.  Having lived in a number of places...and a number of neighborhoods, I can honestly feel I hit the jackpot here in the South.  But it's funny how you can live next door and many weeks only have enough time to wave and say a quick hello.  Jodie (on our left) is always orchestrating something to bring us together though.

Jodie made a big and delicious pot of Chili -- and if that wasn't enough, she provided 'Dirt Cake' and 'Witches Hats' too.  Her husband Cornell is always outside playing some 'ball' sport with the boys.  On our right are Christie and Charles -- who are always lending us a hand in something, whether it be some words of wisdom or a tool.  We very much appreciate our neighbors and their upbeat, playful sides.  

It was an entertaining evening as expected -- however, as usual, I passed on the 'Witches Brew'.  Thank you Jodie for your thoughtfulness! XO

I Love our Neighborhood!

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