Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dogs, Lithium and Chocolate

It's been a busy week, but despite our growing schedules I've managed to listen to an audible book whilst cooking, cleaning and cutting out miniature acorns for a school craft project.  As I listened intently I was brought to an experiment of a dog's heart rate which was hooked up and monitored in an effort to watch it's reaction.

A little boy (who was also the dog's best friend) was brought into the room with his heart also hooked up and monitored.  When dog saw boy, his heart rate triggered into an erratic stage. It was noted that the little boy's heart rate also went through peaks upon the joy of seeing his dog.  As the two friends played and wrestled together their hearts were watched.  After a time, the researchers found, as they often have, that the dogs heart and the boys heart fell into perfect sync with each other.  

It has been discovered, that our hearts will beat in perfect sync with those we love and those that love us back.  I found the story so curious, as although they were both of the animal species one was a human and the other a canine.

I volunteered to help with the school book fair this week.  As the children cleared out and the library grew quiet I used the free time to snatch one of the books off a shelf.  While other mothers chatted and carried on I stuck my nose in a science book on the periodic table of elements.  I opened it at random and came to the element Lithium.  While the background noise was filled with evidence that Katie would be a Princess and Tanner a Transformer for Halloween, I fell upon facts and origins of this interesting metal. 

Lithium is the softest metal. Because of its light density, you could actually cut through a glob of it with a pair of kitchen shears. Despite it's softness, it lends a great amount of strength, yet keeps materials light when blended with other compounds.  Perhaps one of its most appreciated qualities is the stabilizing effect it has on the human brain for those with bi-polar disorder.  A small amount of Lithium Salt in a capsule can help these individuals stay calm, reason with more logic and focus on the task at hand.  I giggled to myself as I felt I had come across my own version of a princess and a transformer.  It was also interesting to find that Lithium is very helpful when welding . A shift of her magic wand and she promotes the fusion of metals by absorbing impurities and eliminating the forming of oxides.

But Lithium is highly reactive and explosive -- which is why we never find it alone.  There's loads of lithium in our oceans, but thankfully the H20 keeps it diluted.  It is also found in plants and within the earths crust and even in brown dwarf stars! 

Now, if you'll keep with this science lesson and not nod off, I promise it will all make sense in the end.  Because you see I turned the page -- and I came to the very next element that would be on that periodic table...which would be Beryllium.  Although it may rhyme it is very different.  Let's just quickly say that it's extremely useful and without it we would not have x-rays.  It is used in rocket heads and missiles.  It is also used in optical guidance and fire control. But it is very toxic as well.

I marveled at how these two elements, although appearing very different, because of their makeup they are placed right next to each other on the Table.  And as I pondered the thoughts of dogs and boys, lithium and beryllium throughout this week, I noted my checklist to thank my husbands boss who's artistic talent brought a fateful day into daily remembrance.  Sketched in subdued charcoals the eyes are brought to the lighted Godiva chocolate sign.  There standing in front of a green leather bench are two figures bathed in light and holding hands.

As I reflect upon that moment in time, I can also see two very different individuals placed next to each other. Different families, situations and upbringing -- yet there we were sitting together as over 5 hours past without our knowledge.  I remember my bitter dark chocolate melting in my mouth and hoping I did not have any left on my face (as happens occasionally).  I recall my bashful eyes always averting his and looking up at the Godiva sign.  Perhaps there was some magic in those rich trouffles we devoured.  (If so, I think chocolate should be placed on the periodic table).  In any case, another discovery came this week as I found out today the word "Godiva" is an old English name meaning, Gift from God.  

So you see, things are meant to be placed where they are placed.  Like lithium, a woman is soft-hearted, but lends her sense of strength and stability, making our loads lighter.  She helps weld the gaps between us by releasing our impurities.  (She is not without fault -- as she can be explosive when not surrounded by needed compounds.)  Beryllium on the other hand, can be like a man, though fierce at times, gives us the elements needed for protection and safety.  And just like a father, it can possess x-ray abilities to see things that don't always appear on the surface.  Fathers can be our guiding eyes, that powerful additive to calm the fires and the energy needed to rocket our lives through new adventures. 

We all have elements within us that can either help or hurt.  How we choose to use these qualities is our decision.  When we are where we should be, behaving to the best of our qualities, we find each other and compliment each other.  

No matter who we are, or what we are, our hearts have their own guidance system.  And when a heart discovers where it belongs, it has the ability to penetrate into the very center of another's soul, and place it's own rhythm within it. All is well.  My heart is full. And I thank God daily for all his blessed gifts to me, my family and loved ones.

(And by the way, Thank you Sheila.  I will never be able to outdo Matthew on this gift ;-)


  1. Chimene, you are an amazingly talented Writer! As I am in College for the first time, Finally! I am taking English 101. I am finding that I enjoy writing essays. I don't have anywhere near the talent that you do, I am much more able to recognize a true God given gift. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. You manage to make all the miles separating us seem not that far after all.
    Love to you all,

  2. Thank you, Thank you Miss Tanya. Matthew just looked at me and said, "I told you.." xox


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