Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road -- and Other Winter Wonders

Georgia, The Fearless Chicken
Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because she was southern and had work to do on the other side.  Meet Georgia (or so I've dubbed her).  She's a little, black and white hen found pecking on one of the four corners of this 55mph intersection near our home.  (Only in the South)...  She's obliviously to any danger around her, and when you think about it, there's not many predators that would care to stalk under such conditions...but Georgia isn't bothered.  Her head is down, working hard, doing her daily routine.  Each day I find her alive I laugh with joy.  She is a wonder to me as she embraces every morning with a goal and ignores the road blocks around her.

I continue to be tickled and pleasantly pleased with the wonders and happenings of our winter season - here in the good ol' South.  The 11th of December is our oldest son's birthday and the start of our festivities.  Luke continues to be our steady anchor, and we are very proud of his excellent grades.  

Despite his chaotic sleep schedule, he managed to ace every final and continues to hold the house record as the fastest controller in the south-east. We don't know how he does it, but are grateful he is enjoying school..finally.

The day after is our Wedding anniversary, and although we were married December 12, we tend to celebrate October 12 (the day we met).  A couple days after, Bailey and Marshall arrived from Washington state.  We had them sneak into Toby's school Christmas party and he was beyond excited to see them!  Bailey was happy to visit his old elementary school -- but Chimene was a bit staggered to see how many teachers remembered who Bailey was....he seems to leave an...unforgettable impression...shall I say? (we love you Bailey).

Christmas passed peacefully and the visit with the boys much too quickly.  It was nice to have Marshall here and at times it felt like he had never left his place in front of the PS-3.

What is wrong with this picture?  Nothing.  That was the bewildering truth of it.  When I asked these two pre-arch-enemies if they would sit together for a pic, they both agreed simultaneously -- so the winter wonders continued. (By the way, Tate did great in her school play 'A Christmas Carol'. )

Tobes and Ryan
Our county school system allowed for 3 weeks and 3 days of holiday this year -- however, as many of you know, a few days before school was to start back, Georgia was given a very white and unexpected winter.  While most of us mums were looking forward to the return of sanity, we had to hold out an extra week.  Our state is not a snow ready place, so only the brave and four-wheel'n could get out and around safely.  

Matthew was one of the few who could make it into the operations center at AT&T.  I still don't know how he managed to work a 48hr shift, collect workers from their homes, pick up and bring in meals for everyone and even help an old man in a new mercedes out of the snow...but he did.  He was home for precisely 4 hours of rest, then back out again.  I love my motorcycle racing, hockey playing, hard working Sailor hubby!  He reminds me of Georgia the chicken -- (I think his nickname of 'mrchckn' is more fitting then ever now.)

Monster Jams
I often wish I could hibernate through winter, (and some would argue that I do).  I've had myself square in-front of my sewing machines, sewing Toby's summer clothes (and a pair of pajamas) and completely blocking out the many to-do lists (which includes cleaning house and obviously updating our blog).  I tend to get immersed in things and forget to come up for air now and then.  But what's really amazing, is that my husband just tells me to keep doing what makes me happy.  I think perhaps, Toby might be wearing summer clothes earlier then we think...the weather report says about 70 degrees today (that's about 21 c to my British friends)  just 2 days before the end of January -- now that's a wonder! 

All is well.  My heart is full...and I found more chickens on the side of the road. Remember, no matter how hard life gets, keep your head down..and just keep pecking...?

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