Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Penny Stock

As I lugged our daughter's forgotten guitar from the trunk towards the high school building, I passed by a shinning piece of copper laying under a bench at the pick up point of school.  I hesitated to collect it, as I knew behind that bench were several large windows, with the hidden gazes of several dozen high school-ers.  However, believing that finding a penny is an omen of good luck, I also believe that passing one by is an omen of bad.  So, poised with as much grace as possible, I quickly swooped down and scooped up my providential possession -- gathering back as much respect as possible with my head up and a bit of an 'over-confident' walk into the office for delivery.

It is a lovely new school, and driving away from the Warrior campus (respectfully named for the Cherokee land it was built upon), I was glad to see the rain letting up a bit and blue coming out of the sky.  Perhaps my penny is already working  I thought, and before that consideration had time to take root, my foot was taking a deeper position on the breaks.  An amazing object shot through the sky and across the road in front of me.  It's curious how mind and eyes work together.  It that short instance I saw what looked like a combination of cat meets dog, with a  bushy tail.  As it leaped from high road to low, it's pointy nose resembled an arrow on dead target.  It took me a few more instances to realize I had just witnessed a beautiful, red fox, with all the swiftness and splendor they're known for.

I turned right for my shortcut into town and  as I began to mentally list the chores and errands I needed to accomplish, I literally had to break out of my thoughts again.  This time a playful squirrel was somersaulting over the hilly shoulder and bouncing across the road in front of me.  It appeared the wildlife was also making much use of the time-out in precipitation. Accelerating onto the main road, I felt a bit reluctant to leave this lively Indian territory.

With errands coming to an end, the fox and squirrel were fixed to my thinking.  How curious that two little creatures should cross my path so unexpectedly.  It's been my observation that such things happen in 3s, so as I pulled away from the drive-thru teller, I really wasn't surprised when a red sports car drove carelessly into my right-of-way.  I only tapped the breaks this time and let the fancy vehicle take it's turn before me.  I was beginning to wonder if it really was a lucky penny I had acquired after-all...

The philosopher in me was somewhat stumped.  I gathered my ideas of the representation of a fox and a squirrel, but when it came to the fancy sports car, it all fell to pieces.  As women (well, at least this woman) we tend to see the mechanical in one-dimensional light -- red car, green car, big car, small car...and so on.  But taking a dip to the male side, it suddenly dawned on me, that it was actually a Ford 'Mustang' that wandered in my lane.  A horse!  Now perhaps I could make sense of the three, and as I studied a bit of Native American ideology, I was quite bewildered with my findings.  Apparently these three animals have particular meaning -- especially when they cross your path.

A Fox is Clever, Adaptable, Quick Thinking and wise.  He reminds us to 'think outside the box' and use our intelligence in creative ways, use the resources around us and to adapt and blend into our surroundings and use them to our advantage.  More particularly (and I shall use a direct quote from the source):  "It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see its entire body is pointed like an arrow - straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to "hit the target" of our desires."  How very peculiar. 

A Squirrel is playful, social, prudent and prepared.  I never realized how well-balanced this little critter is.  And did you know that a squirrel only eats about 10% of the food he hides?  Some surmise this is because he is over-prepared and forgetful -- but I would tend to believe the squirrel takes greater purpose in setting those nuts and seeds in perfect form to sprout and grow new plants and trees.  I think he knows where the food is -- but he enjoys the work he does and continues to gather more -- allowing the storage to blossom into more.  He is a symbol to many, to stop and enjoy life, enjoy each other and -- enjoy work.

A Horse has played a great roll beside man as a noble animal that has lent much help.  Horses are strong, graceful, they represent happiness and perhaps it's greatest symbol -- Horses are Free. 

Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck (?) 

My childhood perception gave me far more than I expected today.  Life has it's rainy days and it's moments when the sun shines through.  But, if we stay focused and aim ourselves to our targets and goals, using the mind and resources God gave us --- remembering to do the best we can AND have fun doing it...then the Happiness, Respect, Grace and Freedom we seek, will pull out in front of us, whether we expect it or not.  

And there you go.  A dose of wisdom, and all for a penny.  X


  1. my first thought was that wild animals are stalking you!!x

  2. Hahaha! I was once chased by a big, mean rooster -- still a bit frightening to me!


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