Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hairy Hand

I sympathize with children.  I once had to attend a boyscout certification class to become a den mother.  The class started at 8am and didn't end until 3pm.  I thought my legs were going to disconnect from my body and run away -- and then I realized our children had to go through this 5 days a week!  I guess my teachers let us roam around a lot, or have more recess time -- because I don't remember it being so hard.  Unless I'm watching a James Bond movie or a good comedy, my attention span is exactly 20 minutes -- max.

I guess my husband has been feeling the same way.  He's on day 3 of his 4 day training at work.  When his boss txt'd him to ask how class was going... he wrote that he was losing all focus and starting to count the hairs on his hand.  He then looked out the conference room and saw her cracking up at her desk.  She then txt'd another student to tell him to stop counting his body hair.  I asked him how he learned to make the plain into the hilarious; Answer:  School...

He says he'll start on his toes next, if he can't get control of this...Love Him!

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