Thursday, April 15, 2010


Poor Little Soldier.... :-(
I know children need their immunization shots, but our 5 year old had to get 5 yesterday!  I also know the nurses are just doing their job, but after that 5th jab I could have tackled and hog-tied our 6'2" male nurse.  Our little guy did great.  Just a few quiet tears and sniffles that 5 new stickers cleared right up.  Daddy brought him home a chocolate bar.  Mama got him an ice cream cone.  Sweet angel.  No more 'til he's 11!

Just before school -- One day I'll see those eyes of yours
As our oldest son is such a private kind of guy, I don't get as many pics of him as I'd like -- but caught one of him while drinking some morning juice before school.

I ran into the 'before and after' pics I took last summer.  It's still very much a work in progress...But as the ping-pong table is out of the kitchen and the motor oil out of the pantry -- I think we've come quite far indeed! 

Here's what most of the rooms looked like (more or less) before I got started...I've only exaggerated slightly...

Painting all the arched ceilings was difficult as I am only 5'2  and am slightly fearful of heights.

If you can't 'fight-it' 'shrine it' is what I have to say.  We'll be getting a nice new frame for that Chrysler pic soon...

My husband tried to convince our guests the other night that "It's still a bachelor home".  They all burst into laughter as this was sitting above him...

We still have several pictures to put up.  Boys are being less cooperative then girls though.

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