Monday, May 17, 2010

Yard Work

We haven't named him yet...but he is part of the family now.

That 'Green' thing up there is Matthew's answer to our new above ground sprinkler system.  He's wanted to buy it for over a year now and finally gave into his consumer spending.  
It is very colorful and Toby is quite fond of it.  It's called the "John Deere Traveling Sprinkler" and it does drive around, above the grass, swishing water about at an even pace.  Nice and 'inconspicuous' isn't it...?  Toby and friends had a good time running through it's wide range of spray -- however, their fun was stopped early when it started to storm..we've had a pretty steady flow of rain ever since -- figures. 

(Toby wanted his haircut like Marshall's)
Grandma and Grandpa will be on their way soon, to visit us here in the South.  Toby is extremely excited.  In preparation, Matthew and the boys have been tidying the yard.  Matthew is a bit surprised at my lack of assistance in the garden area.  It's never been my strong point -- not that it couldn't be...I just feel there is so much left to be done inside, and I can only concentrate my efforts on one thing at a time. 

Besides, once I get my hands on the garden -- It will look like a cross between an English courtyard and a Japanese Park -- I have too much vision at times.  There are moments when I can see it so clearly, that I almost forget it hasn't been done yet!

Marshall, Bailey and Toby helped out though -- well, Toby tried.  Sunny was right along beside them most of the day, although I failed to get a picture of that.  Shame.

I think they all did a lovely job -- even without me. ;-)

I especially love the flowers Matthew planted by the letterbox for me.  X

And little Miss Tate has been working hard on her math in prep for her EOCT that begin today!

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