Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wednesday Woe

Marsh and Tobes
As the title would indicate, last Wednesday (and Thursday for that matter) was not so easy.  The ride up to North Carolina to meet Marsh's grandparents half-way and deliver Mr. Marsh was a difficult task indeed.  But we support his decision to move back to Washington -- we just miss the 'heck' out of him.

Marsh, Matthew
Marsh is very easygoing and although it was a long ride, he managed to make it fun.  He played games with Toby in the back and taught him how to play tic-tac-toe, I spy, as well as the 'make a square' game. 

So wrong...
I was completely outnumbered, with 3 pranking characters in the car, I had to keep my wits about me...although I did get taken for a ride (literally) here and there.  Matthew asked me to get out change for the toll road (which was non-existent) -- but he had a smirk on his face for 20 miles before I threw the coins back in my purse with a sigh.

Tobes and Dad
We could not count the number of 'Cracker Barrel' Restaurants or signs for 'Peaches'.  Marsh went on and on about how good peach salsa was. I agreed and thought fresh peaches sounded pretty good but the pair of us ended up with our bottom lips sticking out as Dad just passed by each one with never an intention to stop. 

Marsh and Dad
The hotel near Raleigh had a nice pool and the boys enjoyed a refreshing swim.  Toby was beyond excited to learn to swim with dad.  Marsh got a little jealous, so dad helped him too ;-D.

Gladys, Marsh, Steve
It was a pleasure to meet Steve and Gladys, Marsh's grandparents.  The couple own race horses, so their days are extremely busy.  We're thankful they are taking the time to fly Marsh out to Washington.  We had a lovely chat, but the time passed too quickly.  Before we knew it we were saying our goodbyes.

Toby, Chimene, Marsh
I can't elaborate right now.  In fact, I think I'm glad that it is late and that I need to sign off.  If I stop to think about it all I know I will get extremely sad.  X

This pic is for you Marsh...

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